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Coach Slinn - Dean of High School

Mary Ann Slinn (aka Coach Slinn) - was born in the Philippines, and was raised in a small town in Lowell, Indiana, where she graduated from HS in 1987 and went off to Indiana State University that fall. She graduated from Indiana State University in 1992 where she received a Bachelor degree in Physical Education K-12 with an All Sports Coaching Endorsement.  She received her Sp.Ed MI Certification from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2005 during her first 2 years with Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School. 


Coach Slinn is entering her 17th year in educational teaching experience in K-12 School setting (9th year with Tindley). She has over 30 years working with K-12 as a teacher, mentor, coach and supervisor earning the Tindley Torchbearer Teacher of the Year Award in 2017. This past year she served in a leadership role as New Teacher Mentor Advisor and Coordinator for Tindley Accelerated School Network. Coach Slinn is also a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, who believes that we all must master how to “Capture Kids Hearts” by providing a least restrictive learning environment that is SAFE, FUN and VALUABLE for our Scholars.

“Educators learn the process of connecting with kids by consistently treating each one as valuable. If a child has an appropriate relationship with a mature, responsible adult at home or at school, it is protective against virtually every adolescent risk factor including school absenteeism, intentional personal injury, violence, and academic performance (Resnick, et al, 1997, JAMA; CDC, Resnick replicated study, 2009).”