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Ms. Dawson - Dean

LaVauda Dawson grew up on the far east side of Indianapolis while growing up in rough surroundings and in the public-school system, the outcome of the success was bleak. In deciding to join the US Army and graduating undergrad in 2007


 from Indiana University with a B.A. in Sociology, Ms. Dawson’s goal became clear to engage society and serve others. Working in several mental health facilities and residential services Ms. Dawson decided to pursue a master’s in Psychology to better understand the mind and behavior of others. Working in higher education teaching Psychology, she fell in love with teaching Mental Health and making it as important as physical health. #YOURMENTALHEALTHMATTERS

Ms. Dawson will be entering her 8th year in education (4th academic year at CATAS). She has been certified in Applied Educational Neuroscience through Butler University, Mental Health First Aid, and is currently enrolled at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she will obtain a certification/licensure in Applied Behavior Analysis. Ms. Dawson’s goal is to continue to serve the educational community in creating methods that revolve around scientific data to improve instructional and interactive techniques for both teacher and scholars.