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Meet Mr. Childress

Mr. Edward Childress is excited to be working with the Scholars here at Tindley!

Originally from Indianapolis and recently relocated back after living in Portland, OR for 10 years. Childress is a married father of 5 and his wife is Family Medicine doctor who specializes in providing access to patients who have chronic conditions. He also is the Chief Operating Officer of his small family business with a focus on Commercial Real Estate here in Indianapolis. Mr. Childress enjoys spending time with our children, volunteer work and traveling.  

He served on active duty in United States Navy for four years immediately upon graduation from high school and served on the USS Abraham Lincoln working in an anti-terrorism capacity. Upon completion of his military service, he attended Indiana University and received a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on manufacturing management. After receiving his degree, he began working in automotive production becoming a manager of materials and process in a variety of environments. After several years in manufacturing, Mr. Childress became a consultant working on complex projects for several Fortune 500 clients. During his career, he spent time volunteering in Adult Education and coaching and developing youth groups. Most recently, he was a Business Development manager for a billion-dollar private security organization with a focus on complicated government contracts for defense facilities.  

Mr. Childress joins Tindley to work with scholars to help them achieve their full potentials. He has always enjoyed teaching and coaching individuals/groups and believes that with the changes in education the past few years, this was the perfect opportunity to bring his passion and expertise to the children of our community. Mr. Childress looks forward to building on the groundwork already laid by the great teachers here and helping scholars achieve their lifelong goals.