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Meet Mr. Uelk

Last name pronounced "Elk."

40 years of experience in Agriculture, mostly in the field of nutrition, but also managed a Cow/Cal operation in Missouri while attending college. He received BA and soon after his MBA. After retiring in California, Mr. Uelk retuned to the Midwest and hs been teaching for five years.

Mr. Uelk has already been making a connection with the scholars, talking with them about the history of food production.... for example, when man once produced more than enough food for themselves, some of the population was able to investigate other disciplines.

There are 7.8 billion people on the eartth. By 2050, 9.8 are expected. There needs to be a improved effectiveness of food. 

The scholars have learned abot beef production, hog production, egg layers, and daity production. The class will gradually make their way into the productions of the foods to feed to animals and the food raised for own consumption. Also learning about GMOs.

Agscience is responsible for 10% of our GDP and more than 20,000,000 emplyment positions. Jobs range from IT personnel, truck drivers, nutritionists, to manufacturers of hundreds of different types of equipment varieties. One of the largest is John Deere, of Moline, IL. The average combine manufactured by them costs $400,000 and that does not even include the device that cuts the crops being harvested. 

Thank you for the opportunity to help educate your child. He will do his best to help all scholars appreciate how the food on their plate arrived there.