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Virtual Food Service

Our process for ALL families, to request meals, will remain the same.
Families must complete the virtual meals survey each week to request meals.
One survey must be completed for each child that needs meals.
The survey will open at 5pm on Friday for the following week (Ex. meals for 11/30/20 survey will open 11/20/2020)
The survey will close at 9pm on Wednesday following the Friday opening date (Ex. meals for 11/30/20 survey will close on 11/24/2020)
Families that elect for food service will receive meals for 5 days (5 breakfast/5 lunch) and will be able to pick up the meals at the school where their scholar attends. If they have scholars at multiple locations, they will need to decide where they want to pick up the meals.
Meals can be picked up on Monday and Tuesday for the week between 9am and 12:00pm.
Meals for Tindley Genesis and Charles A. Tindley can be picked up at Door # 5 and Tindley Summit Door #10
If a cannot make it during these times, please send an email to and we will try to make arrangements.
Here is the form to submit each week!
This is not open to the community, it is only for our Tindley scholars currently.
Deadline for meals for the week of 11/30 will be Tuesday 11/24 at 9:00pm.