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Meet Ms. Faget

Ms. Ana Maria Faget is thrilled to be here at Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School. Born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, her favorite place to be is at the beach; She lived in Mexico for 4 years, went back to Puerto Rico and finally moved to Indiana a couple of years ago. She loves to travel and have been to many countries in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. This is her first year as a Spanish teacher and ELL teacher. She attended the University of Puerto Rico where she earned a degree in Natural Sciences and Spanish. Ms. Faget proceeded to go to Medical School, and after many years of school, internship etc. She became a Primary Care Physician and practiced medicine for fifteen years. Her goal in coming to C.A.T.A.S.  is to help scholars understand how “one language sets you in a corridor for life, but two languages can open every door along the way”-Frank Smith. This applies to her English speakers as well as Spanish speakers. She love to read both in English and Spanish, especially fiction from “El amor en los tiempos del Colera” from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to any of the Harry Potter books from J.K Rowling, I love them all. I absolutely love anything Marvel and Star Wars.  She put effort in making her classroom a nice, positive environment so that her scholars feel ready to learn. She is excited to go on this journey with our Tindley community and make this a wonderful academic year.